Retail Billing Software Bangalore[Supermarket|Retail Shop|Hotel]

Ultimate Tek offers the best range of retail billing software in Bangalore. We focus on is the user-friendly billing software for a retail shop. Perfectly suited charging applications for Retail shops, supermarket, active restaurants, cafes and fastfood restaurants that wish to cover as they move. Scalable from one system to countless. Everything is included to get you up and operating in the most inexpensive cost. Orion will let you access real-time solution, employee and sales performance information on almost any device from anywhere, at any time of the day.

Retail Billing Software Features


  • Simple User Interface resulting in faster user training for new Staff
  • Billing and Barcode Scanning or Smart Item Search
  • Multi rate for Items and Discounts
  • Multiple Taxes in a Single invoice
  • Auto Calculation of taxes
  • Tax Inclusive, Exclusive and MRP Billing
  • Automatic Incentive calculations for sales people
  • Bill Hold Facility


  • Item wise Discounts: Predefined or Entered at the time of Sale
  • Percentage Discount on the Final Bill Amount
  • Cash Discount on the Final Amount
  • Customer wise Discounts
  • Discount Schemes like Buy One get One Free
  • Bill Amt based Discounts


  • Expense Tracking
  • Credit Limit in Amount and Days with Stop Billing Facility
  • Sales Tax and Purchase Tax Report
  • Separate Login for Owner and Cashier with different privileges
  • Optional Additional Hardware Lock for admin Login


  • Purchase Ledger for View, Edit and reprint of Purchase Entries
  • Mark Up and Discount Facility for Calculation MRP and Sale Price
  • Auto Barcode Generation for unique identifying all Products
  • Support Vendor printed Barcodes for Packed items
  • Print Barcode Directly from Purchase Entry
  • Support for Barcode Printing on A4 size Paper from Laser Printers
  • Secured way to edit / delete purchase entries
  • Link Items with Vendor
  • Purchase Returns
  • Supplier Out Standing Report


  • Ageing analyses of Outlet Out Standings and Stock
  • Current Stock Report by Attributes such as Colour, Size, Style No, Design
  • Auto Barcode Generation for Unique Identifying all Products


  • Bill Wise and Item Wise Profit Reports
  • Inventory Report
  • Salesman wise Sales and Incentive Report
  • Expenses Report
  • Sales Outstanding and Supplier Outstanding Reports
  • Day wise Sales / Purchase Report
  • Category wise / Item Wise Sales Report
  • Cash Flow Report

Advanced Features billing software for retail shop

Options for Extra Charges

Accept payments by Cash, Card or Coupons

User Defined Tax and GST Settings

Discounts in Rs or Percentage

Online Home Delivery and CRM directly integrated with social media.

SMS/Email Reporting

Loyalty Card Management

Offer Management
No of Installations

Buy Retail Billing Software in Bangalore

In the current competitive service industry, your restaurant must continue to keep clients happy to make sure that they become repeat clients for life. Handling a restaurant is no easy job for busy kitchens, money management, quick customer support, and a significant installation process keeps the entire management busy all the instant! If any restaurant has been found to consider the entire invoice for support taxation calculation, then you are being cheated. Next time you visit a restaurant, you’ll be able to understand the further costs and the question that the direction should you find any calculation incorrect. Our customers enjoy the benefits of a locality companion for the personalized business, and world-class products and also the most in-depth tech solutions easily available now. OOPs, he shifted the purchase. Ultimate tek solution offers best retail billing software in Bangalore

Track clients who aren’t paid you. Additionally, it makes your company seem more professional. Join us on our website chat if you would like to know how we could help your business. It is possible to also focus on ways to expand your company while our applications protect numerous restaurant management purposes. Regardless of how it is intended for smaller companies, it’s filled with attributes. The method enables organizations to conserve significant sums of cash and reduce waste by maintaining just the stock they’ll have to create and promote goods. Initially, the company staffed SAP America using a number of its own German supervisors. Due to the comparative simplicity of producing applications, there are a lot of new businesses entering the resort management pc software market. As a result, only businesses with trained employees could provide medical billing services using a computer program.