ONYX Pro Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) Solutions includes various
software for auto integrated processing for all financial, administrative and specialized functions of
organizational building in different commercial, industrial and service activities.

1.    To achieve unified outcome for enterprises, branches, and business activities.
3.  To build strong organisation work with integrated systems in highly secured environment.
5.  To manage internal control and documents archival for financial transactions.
7.  For internal auditing, continual work follow-up; and archiving documents of financial transactions.
2.   To build absolute Trust with clients and meet projects growth and diversity of activities.
4.  For the strong expertise of ONYX Pro team in consultancies and custumer techincal support.
6.  As thousands of satisfied clients have achieved their success in various countries around the world.
8.  For strong features, user-friendly, and staff expertise in implementation, consultation and client technical support.

Advanced Features

 Send electronic messages to the top administration or customers according to defined options based on the balance or transaction such as approving customers orders.

 Approve annual closing on the level of every branch.

 Link representatives with clients and cash, assign multiple representatives to the client, and move the client balances from one representative to another.

 Search in document details and display documents records vertically.

 Display the transactions of accounts, clients, vendors, cash, banks, cost centers, projects and activities.

 Lock a particular screen, user or users for any period of time.

 Handle assembled items in all inventory transactions with the possibility of disassembling an assembled item.

 Control the process of modifying the quotation price.

 Display multi release of invoices from release permission screen.

 Support service items in all local purchase transactions.

 Control the process of creating the accounting entry for guarantees with the possibility of posting or un-posting.

Demo Section